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Todd winning second place in BBQ

My First Open House in My New Home

This weekend I hosted an open house to let friends in St. Louis know I was mostly unpacked, organized and I’m totally excited about having friends over. I spent time Friday evening doing some grocery shopping and prepping some dishes and Saturday morning I got the rest of my prep and cooking done. As I […]

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The Cotton Belt is Picking Sides — I’m Pulling for the Cardinals!

There is something about the World Series. I can’t put my finger on it but it draws me in time and time again. Even if I haven’t watched much baseball during the season, the playoff season tends to grab me even if my team is totally out of it. I admit it. I am a […]

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An Awesome Day at Forest Park Boathouse & Paddleboating

I just had to share more photos from my day off with my sister Cheryl & our friend Cathy. I’m sharing these as much as anything so I can come back to them on crummy days and remind myself how incredible a single day can be. How an awesome day like Tuesday recharges you and […]

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heat is warping St. Louis

EyeCatching Sights & Sites of the Week (July 16-23, 2011)

What a week this has been! St. Louis Trip Hot but Successful There were several things that caught my eye this week while I was in St. Louis…. The heat! Temperatures consistently far higher than man nor beast are prepared to deal with and yet all of us have just had to deal. I spent […]

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Snowbound Wordlessness

If you’d like words to go with this, I did a travel blog post on the storm and thoughts I’ve had the last few days.

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self-portrait during my adventure

Waiting Out a Major Storm in a Hotel

The fact that I’ve not left the hotel I’m in for 36 hours is not something I knew would happen when I came to St. Louis a week ago on business. I came up here knowing I would be in town this long, but never thought I’d be hanging out in a hotel day & […]

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Driving from St. Louis to Memphis via Sikeston, Song Titles coming to Mind

Driving from St. Louis to Memphis via Sikeston, Song Titles coming to Mind

One of the fondest memories I have of my grandmom, yes, the one who had banana split for her birthday, is how much she loved Lambert’s Restaurant in Sikeston, Missouri. There have been times in my life where I stopped in Sikeston just to remember grandmom. Others where I stopped to buy her a trinket. […]

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