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finished kitchen & clean room

Stone Soup Cafe — A Great New Memphis Restaurant!

I know of lot of the people in Memphis haven’t heard of Stone Soup Cafe, but that’s just not yet. Believe me, it has the potential to reach well beyond the Cooper-Young neighborhood it calls home to customers in all parts of the Memphis metro area. And the excitement in Midtown is clear. Midtown loves […]

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The Beauty of Five-Lock Cotton Bolls

I took this photo last Friday and thought it was a beautiful shot to share on the blog. I mean to get it up on Wordless Wednesday, but the harried life didn’t let me get it up here in time. Then I had it written and a technical glitch killed it. But I refuse to […]

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Small Town Conference 2011

Join Me at #140conf Small Town Tuesday — In Person or Online!

I know I’ve already written about how excited I am to be going to Hutchinson, Kansas for 140 Conference Small Town, but it’s upon me and the excitement is overflowing so I have to write again. 馃檪聽聽While I remember being in other towns in south central Kansas, I don’t think I ever went to Hutchinson […]

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Remembering Sunflowers at Peak for Wordless Wednesday

Remembering Sunflowers at Peak for Wordless Wednesday

You may enjoy Wordless or Wordful Wednesday efforts on other blogs too.

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The handprints mom made when I was a baby

Personalizing My New House To Be My Home

  When I moved, I joked about music making my new house a home as well as my metal rooster (now named JZ as homage to Beyonce) perching on my deck as a defining moment. Reality is, there are so many little things that really do make my new house into my home after the […]

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Taking Care of Things During A Long Distance Move

Late Monday afternoon as I was nearing the point of exhaustion after a hard day’s work on the move, I got a call from a friend. In the midst of it (like most calls over the last several days), I got distracted. This time it was to confirm for Leo know that I wanted something […]

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Our First Full Day of #ACFC11 -- AgNerds Rockin' Nashville

Our First Full Day of #ACFC11 — AgNerds Rockin’ Nashville

It has been a shockingly great day but tiring….. so lots of photos will be here but I will let my good friend Alec Winmill’s (who I finally here at ACFC11) expression sum up things for me and I’m just going to post the photos as is without captions. Will try to go back in […]

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Thinking "Back to School" Leaves Me Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Thinking “Back to School” Leaves Me Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I decided to pull together some photos from back in the day when I went to college at Phillips University in Enid, OK. Lots of great friends who I’m still in touch with and a few I’ve not heard from in quite a while. And it has me thinking. I chose to go to college […]

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