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Giving Food Thanks & Thanking Some Farmers Too!

Having lived in New York metro, this video rings so true for me. Since I’m on vacation today, seems a great way to start my morning by taking a minute to quietly thank a farmer (actually several helped produce my breakfast of a chicken biscuit — chicken, wheat, eggs, milk, tea, potatoes) and offering #foodthanks […]

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Labor Day Weekend Ideas & Plans (Poll)

What do your plans look like for Labor Day? Input from friends, tweeps, etc on the most popular ways to spend the weekend and of course what foods to eat!

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Comparing Diets Now vs. Grandparents or Great Grandparents

Its a concept I’ve heard discussed time and time again. Food Rules author Michael Pollan said it in an interview with Slash Food — “don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”  Proponents of only eating those foods your grandparents (or great-grandparents in some cases) would recognize. The concept behind this is the foods […]

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Honor Farm Workers and Thank a Farmer

The headline of the LATimes article excerpted & linked below caught my attention because of the “should be.” My first reaction was “Farm work is honorable” but I have to say my mind went to the reality that very few people in my neighborhood would realize that. I’m sure the Los Angeles metro area would […]

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First Home-Grown Tomato of the Year!

Last night, I skipped part of the Tuesday night agricultural social media ritual known as #agchat. It’s cause Tuesdays in June & July are community pool night at my sister’s house! It’s something not to be missed, at least not too often. My sister loves her backyard — the pool, the garden, the grill and […]

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I Just Can’t Get It, Don’t Want to Either

This week I took a 48 hour vacation. I went to one of America’s great cities – Chicago. I had an incredible time at the Cubs game Tuesday night. Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch. Always has been. And while I love the Yankees (enough to have a Yankees jacket on even […]

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Just a Farmer, Plain and Simple

I posted the poem “I’m just a farmer, plain and simple” by Bobby Collier a little while ago as a tribute to a friend’s grandpa.  The blog post has amazed me.  It resonates with a lot of people who read my blog and it’s drawn others in thanks to web searches, etc. The idea of […]

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Opening day is finally here!

I’m not talking about a hunting or sports season, but it is something a lot of people look forward to — the opening of the Memphis Farmers Market downtown! I’ve missed the opening event but I’ve seen updates of lots of folks who went.  And it doesn’t look like they missed me as there was […]

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