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Travel Tips to Help Negotiate the Holiday Rush

It happens every year at the holidays. The wonderful world of travel which I participate in so routinely becomes clogged with extra traffic. In the process, it seems a lot of people get thrown out of the holiday spirit. Since I travel the skies and roads so frequently, I though I would put together some […]

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Incredible Family Time for Thanksgiving

My mom rarely gets all four kids in one place — with the four of us living in four states, its just a lot of negotiating to get everyone, much less spouses, mom’s grandkids and her great grands in one place. But this was our big Thanksgiving and we had almost everyone there so I […]

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Farmers Want To Engage in Convo -- I Know Cause @JeffFowle Spoke Up

Farmers Want To Engage in Convo — I Know Cause @JeffFowle Spoke Up

After a week on the road, I got home on Saturday night. I had an incredible time with the family I was born into and extended family we’ve chosen. We had a big crowd with us and had a great time at the church camp I had grown up going to…. We rent it out […]

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#FoodThanks From a Busy Mom Who Has Lost it This Year :)

I have another great blog post…. this one is from my oldest niece Georgia. My friends from college are still stunned to find Georgia has kids of her own but what’s stunning is how great a mom she is! She enjoys her kids Nikki & Jake in a way that makes everyone around her smile and […]

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Family Pauses for #FoodThanks Over Homemade Pizza

I have another guest post giving #FoodThanks! This one is from Heather, a college friend that I kept in loose touch with til I started spending more time in St. Louis. 🙂 Since then, we’ve had several chances to spend a bit of time together. She and I had some journalism classes together and even […]

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organically raised chickens

Creating a Organic Farm with Friends is Part of My Brother’s #FoodThanks

As we approached Thanksgiving, I asked some friends and family who regularly share information about food and show their thanks if they would be willing to do it. I have shared brief thoughts from several on food, and others have written guest posts for me. I’m thrilled to have my brother Ray’s thoughts about giving […]

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#FoodThanks From Some of My Friends

This weekend, I asked some of my friends to join me in #FoodThanks. It seemed like a no brainer since so many of my peeps like food and they are a thankful lot. , so putting the two together should be easy enough. It seems to be different for everyone so I would like a […]

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My mom & brother headed to his big red barn to check on the chickens & goats.

Giving #FoodThanks Has Become a Tradition For Me

The last couple of years, I’ve enjoyed being part of the AgChat Foundation’s efforts to draw more attention to giving thanks for something we have daily — food. As these efforts got underway, I took time to reflect on what I give thanks for when it comes to my plate. And I looked back at […]

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