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stuck halfway

Bad things happen in threes? What happens in fives? VIDEO

I am pretty used to running hard at work and really find myself challenged when it comes to sitting and doing nothing except on rare weekend days at home. There is something different about the speed of life when things you don’t anticipate start clocking in at a rapid pace. And that is exactly what […]

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water in my car

When It Rains It Pours…. Literally… Like Monsoons… Torrential Rain

I sort of feel like maybe I need to confess some things in order to get past them. They’ve been going on for a while now and I’ve been trying to just smile and move on. That’s just not seeming to work somehow and today’s reality checks — TWO OF THEM — put me about […]

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Volkswagen on a roadtrip

Feeling Out of My Element Even Though I Am Home

It is amazing how one thing can change and leave you feeling a bit off your game in several other areas. As much as I have been traveling recently, that’s probably to be expected. I had a crazy few weeks on the road recently and have been trying to get my head back in the […]

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using the windscreen in your convertible

Top-Down Day Tips: Controlling the Temperature & Wind in a Convertible

Spring may not officially be here and it may not stay long but for today, it was spring-like in St. Louis. I have had a few days of short top-down drives from the office, but today was Saturday so I could really enjoy the 60 degree temps St. Louis had. And to feel the wind […]

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walk on a fall day

Fresh Air on a Beautiful Day! Can I Get a Big THANK YOU!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Almost perfect, only thing holding us back was how early the sun went down! Definite reason to be thankful and get a day in my 30 days of thanks series. Fall has had a special place in my heart since I had the chance to spend so many of them […]

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elk in Yellowstone panorama

Day 4 Part 2: Touring Yellowstone National Park (Video)

It’s been a busy week! Need to do better on sharing posts cause I have so many things I want to share from my great American roadtrip. And to think we only got the half of day 4 — me checking out the area before and in Grand Teton National Park, The second half of […]

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photos from Day 1 of the great American roadtrip

Great American Roadtrip Day 1 — St Louis, MO to Lincoln, NE

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I recently went on the great American roadtrip! Day 1 was Friday. I got up reasonably early and got the car packed before I went to work for a half day. Packing for the Roadtrip Packing for a roadtrip is tough. Because you are in a car, […]

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video camera mounted to record driving

#AgNerd Recommends: Mobile Monopod for Vlogging

A couple of weeks ago I was helping friends from Turkey do a variety of shopping during a short trip to St. Louis. We were focused on buying a variety of things they and family members need but have trouble finding or affording in Turkey. Most of our shopping was focused on their daughter (soon to be one year […]

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