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Can Southern Hospitality be matched in the Dakotas?

I have to say, as a Southerner, I have always heard about Southern hospitality. There is a standard there you are expected to meet. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Opening your hearts and home to people is probably the central thrust of it. I have done wacky stuff like host people I haven’t […]

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President Harry S. Truman farm home Grandview, MO

President Harry S. Truman – Missourian, Farmer & AgNerd Travel Friendly?

I have to admit…. I hadn’t really given thought to U.S. Presidents that called Missouri home til I stumbled into history recently. I went to Kansas City, Missouri for a weekend to see long-time friends I had been hoping to visit since moving to their home state. On the drive southeast of Kansas City, I […]

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dinner at Canyon Cafe

Visiting With Dear Friends From Turkey Leaves Me REALLY Tired & Wordless

My friends Onur & Burcu are on their way home to Turkey after having a short visit here. The majority of our time was visiting while shopping and/or eating but it seems the photos I took almost all involve meals! Anyway, they show lots of smiles from visiting with dear friends I haven’t seen since […]

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Me on the Milan Duomo rooftop

Remembering a Visit to Milan’s Duomo

A couple of years ago, friends and I toured Italy together. Our trip ended in Milan and I was reminded of the spectacular duomo (cathedral) there yesterday. I thought the view of it, especially some of the ones taken on the roof may leave you wordless.        

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Looking for Midwest adventures, got ideas or invites?

When I moved to Missouri this fall, I thought I’d get the chance to hit the roads on the weekend. See some new areas that I’ve never seen, catch up with some of my friends that live in the Midwest. Sadly, with the move, work, etc., I am well behind schedule but I hope to […]

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the royal train

Spending the Day at Windsor Castle & Catching a Concert There at Night!

In December my sister and I had a chance for a girl’s trip to England. One day while she was at work, I spent the afternoon at Windsor Castle, the weekend home Queen Elizabeth visits so often. When I arrived in town I asked a tour officer what all I should take in and it […]

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles! Happily Jetlagged Thanks to a Trip to England!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles! Happily Jetlagged Thanks to a Trip to England!

I’m putting this together quickly just hours after getting back from a great week of vacation in England with my sister Cheryl! While a week is hardly time to see all the things we would have liked or all the places people recommended, we had an incredible time and I am still in awe of […]

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EyeCatching Sights & Sites of the Weeks (July 24 - August 5, 2011)

EyeCatching Sights & Sites of the Weeks (July 24 – August 5, 2011)

Well, its two weeks since I did one of these. So I’ll be picky on what to include & brief! Size Matters — Its a cliche but I have to say it, size matters. That was clear when I decided to go to the airport to see if my nephew’s luggage arrive a night before […]

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