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Hagia Sophia interior

Visiting the Hagia Sophia — the Cradle of Byzantine Religion (Photos)

I hope you are enjoying the posts from my trip to Turkey! I have been having fun flipping through photos and thinking about the various experiences. Today, I want to share about my visit to the Hagia Sophia, the church that was the center for Orthodox Christians for centuries. More than a decade ago, when […]

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Travel in Turkey 2015

Can I Travel Two Weeks Without Telling the World Where I Am? (VIDEO)

People who know me well know I share a lot about what I am up to…. where I am traveling, what I am eating, who I am catching up with and all of that. Even the company president laughs at the idea I would ever try. Social media has a pretty big fit in my […]

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The World’s First Christian Church in Antakya, Turkey

I have been so lucky in terms of travel…. since I started working, I have been funding my travel habit! I’ve had the chance to go to several continents, lots of countries and almost all of the states in the US (I have just two left and am trying to figure out when I’ll be […]

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dinner at Canyon Cafe

Visiting With Dear Friends From Turkey Leaves Me REALLY Tired & Wordless

My friends Onur & Burcu are on their way home to Turkey after having a short visit here. The majority of our time was visiting while shopping and/or eating but it seems the photos I took almost all involve meals! Anyway, they show lots of smiles from visiting with dear friends I haven’t seen since […]

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little man at a cotton picker

How is cotton picked nowadays?

Tonight I was asked to answer a question about cotton on Quora and I decided to go ahead and post my reply here on the blog too since I had already taken the time to write it all up.  🙂 The question was “How is cotton picked nowadays?” The answer I gave them follows with a few […]

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photograph with the Blue Mosque

Do you ever get travelsick? I do! I get it really bad at times!

This week I saw a photo a friend posted. Nice picture of his wife. The friend I’ve known since third grade. She was smiling while having a grownup dinner (with three kids, including two with special needs, this isn’t as common as my friends deserve, but it surely is enjoyed when it happens. The intriguing […]

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Made Wordless On Wednesday by Running into a Turkey at Work Repeatedly


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Mediterranean Vacation Included Farm Visits

Mediterranean Vacation Included Farm Visits

I thought I may pull up some things from international agriculture experiences I’ve had. It’s a bit of a change of pace so I guess we’ll see whether folks like this one before I do a bunch more. One of my passions is travel and another is agriculture, cotton in particular, so it should be […]

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