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Memories Spurred by an Espresso Cup and Saucer

This morning as I reached for a bowl for my oatmeal, my eyes lingered on an espresso cup and saucer that stays in my tiny kitchen cabinet despite the fact I don’t drink espresso. Many  times I have thought I probably could make better use of the cabinet space. You probably think it would take […]

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Help Us Drive Away the Polar Vortex

By now, you know that much of the US has been consumed by this polar vortex of winter storm ion. I have to say, I know a storm is going to be big when the local TV stations begin doing near 24 hour coverage or when weather words I’ve never heard before are used. But it […]

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Wyoming roadtrip

My Great American Roadtrip Day 3 Driving through Wyoming (Video)

I have gotten a bit busy and haven’t kept up with the videos & posts from my great American roadtrip the way I wanted to, but I decided I really wanted to pull from all the cameras, video, etc. And then I get caught up in looking at all of the detail & reliving the […]

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Great American Roadtrip

Thinking About the Great American Roadtrip

Americans have an affinity for the roadtrip. The freedom of the road has such a mystique to it that books, movies and music have all included it as a central theme. But what makes a roadtrip better than normal travel? What takes a roadtrip from normal to the “Great American Roadtrip?” I’ve been weighing that […]

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a $50 mango - 2 for a hundred

What’s Extravagant Fruit, Like a Fifty Dollar Mango Look Like? Or Maybe a Pair!

Lots of things I saw in Japan were unique or exciting, but this was by far the most surprising. Those mangoes are definitely the prettiest I have ever seen and they certainly grabbed my eye while my nephew and I were shopping for snacks one night last week when we were in Hiroshima. The price […]

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awesome vacation despite travel delays

How to Survive Travel Days that are Neverending — Things Learned

Friday morning at 8 am Japan Standard Time, I woke up and got started on what I thought would be the start of a day that would involve 16 hours 33 minutes of flight and connection times. Accounting for time to get breakfast, ground travel to and from airports, etc., I figured I’d be home […]

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cotton plants emerge

2013 Cotton Acres Early Projections & Planting Estimates

I’m overdue to write up something explaining what’s going on in the world of US 2013 cotton acres. Of course, it has been the topic of discussion for a lot of cotton meetings this winter and the spring planting season was bumpy with weather. I figured now is as good a time as any to […]

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tour of Honouliuli internment camp

A New Image to go with the History of Japanese Internment

Those of you who know me well or who have read my blog a long time, may remember my family is closely connected to Japan. You may not know I also have had a real interest in the Japanese internment camps in the U.S. for several reasons. And all of them have incredibly clear images […]

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