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Testing Video Capabilities of my Blackberry Torch

Recently I wrote a blog post about the new Blackberry Torch I had gotten. Since then, I’ve had a chance to get to play with more of its features. I’ve got an HD Flip camera that I LOVE and use often but recently while I was on the road with my niece & nephew, we […]

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First Home-Grown Tomato of the Year!

First Home-Grown Tomato of the Year!

Last night, I skipped part of the Tuesday night agricultural social media ritual known as #agchat. It’s cause Tuesdays in June & July are community pool night at my sister’s house! It’s something not to be missed, at least not too often. My sister loves her backyard — the pool, the garden, the grill and […]

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Getting Your Word Out Globally Without Global Costs

In my most recent post about “rice world,” I gave a quick view of my visit at the International Rice Research Institute. Since I was going there with a couple of PhDs in plant breeding, I anticipated meeting with scientists (which was exactly what happened in a few other Los Banos institutes)! But I was […]

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A February Field Day? Love the Veggies!

My friends fall into two lots — those who hear the word field day and think of something that happens in the spring to get kids playing outside in a series of challenges from soccer drills to softball and those who are ready to look at acres of food, feed, fiber sources and hear what […]

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Sen. Lincoln: "How Are We Going to Eat if We Don't Support Agriculture?"

Sen. Lincoln: “How Are We Going to Eat if We Don’t Support Agriculture?”

This weekend, Senator Blanche Lincoln did a presentation at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show.  As a local, many of the faces in the audience were familiar and she comment that she was home in this area, and in agriculture.  As  head of the Senate agriculture committee, she was speaking to a standing room only […]

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AFBF 2010 Tweetup January 10 -- courtesy of AgWired

#AgChat Tweeps Here, Tweeps There, Tweeps Everywhere at #AFBF10

For a “first AFBF,” I can’t imagine feeling more at home.  It’s amazing to meet so many of the folks I’ve “talked to” over the past year.  Sure, we have talked almost exclusively through 140 character messages, but there is a funny immediate change of expression when you see a person who you’ve seen only […]

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Cotton Pickin’ Halloween

Nothing like getting out in the field with a kid — whether they are from the city or farm.  You suddenly realize how cool it is to know even the slightest things about farming.  And luckily my nieces & nephews have always been up for a stop along the road and some ag education. Yesterday […]

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