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snorkeling with my sis

First Time Snorkeling and I Had A Lot to Learn

Choosing activities on a short winter beach getaway, can be tough. Going to an all-inclusive for the first time, my sister and I knew we’d have a lot of pool and beach time, eventhough we never anticipated a stressful beach emergency! Before we got there though, I read up on the great Maya reef and […]

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chat with the water guy

My Visit with the Water Guy May Yield a Farm Visit

This week I had the chance to work from home one morning. That sweet excuse to sleep in a bit came because the water company needed to replace a water meter so I spent the morning with my laptop in my lap. 馃檪 Finally, the reason for my extended time at home showed up — […]

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clean water is a luxury

Clean Water: An American Expectation That’s Uncommon in Much of the World

I hope others are enjoying my 30 days of thanks posts half as much as I am. Each day up I get to talk about whatever I want, just doing it from a mindset of gratitude. Today I want to bite off a major topic…. Much bigger than my last few days. Today I am […]

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flood irrigation

I is for Irrigation — Water Use & Conservation on the Farm

Irrigation is one of those crop practices that was really near and dear to people’s hearts last year since so much of the U.S. had a drought last year. I know here in St. Louis we all longed for rain and in the meantime, I was glad I had a timer on my soaker hose […]

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pumpkin covered in raindrops

VIDEO: Celebrating Rare Rain During the Drought of 2012

I woke up in the middle of the night to the bright lights of lightning and the crashes of thunder. It was so exciting, I had trouble getting back to sleep! Seriously! Not from fear, mind you but like so many of you, I was thrilled that rain could be coming! As rain hit the […]

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irrigated & dryland side-by-side

Cotton 101: Impact of Irrigation / Drought on the Texas Cotton Crop (VIDEO)

I giggle now and then when a farming friend somewhere tags me in a photo on Facebook. It’s especially interesting when it’s somewhere I haven’t been or someone I haven’t seen in a very long time. I’ve had photos of trucks, animals, fields and big rigs tagged as me. That’s what was running through my […]

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Recalibrating What it Means to NEED Rain or to Suffer a Drought

https://twitter.com/JPlovesCOTTON/status/110154582809776128 That tweet is really easy for lots of people to understand. So much of the US has been drier than normal and high temperatures. We have all seen lawns like mine. The yard that seemed lush green six weeks ago when I made an offer on the house has taken a real turn for […]

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