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It looks like you may have commented on the blog a colorful adventure for the first time. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for engaging in the conversation and encourage you to look around and come back often! I love the community that has been forming around this blog and hope that you and others join in regularly as I love hearing different perspectives! So again, thank you!

There is a lot of information here and I can gladly, in the tradition of Southern hospitality, show you around a bit. If this is your first time visiting, this blog is about the things I’m really passionate about:

Cotton cotton 101 montage

I have been lucky enough to call myself part of the cotton industry for longer than I care to admit, but I love that so many farmers, ginners and textile mills have talked me through the processes so many times. It’s a great opportunity to share what I’ve learned and answer any questions people may have. The series of posts on the cotton 101 page do a great job of helping people get to know cotton, and then there are lots more posts in the cotton category.

Travel (esp big trips)

St. Augustine is quoted as saying “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Well, I’m making my way through the book with camera in hand! I love having chances to travel and write about it whether its nearby to see friends, attend a farm conference or something much more exotic like the big trips I take.


Early in my childhood, I started looking at things through the lens of a camera and I have never looked back! I love photography! It has the amazing ability to tell a story, to touch your heart, to make you look at things in a new light. I put my own photos on posts almost all of the time and I am a big fan of Instagram where I’m JPlovesCOTTON.

Social Media Resources

Incredible people and incredible information is out in the social media world as long as you are willing to participate! Some of the great things I’ve picked up in the last few years are here! One of my favorite features is profiles of my social media heroes and there are a number presentations I’ve made in the social media category as well as on the jp elsewhere page.


I hope you stay connected!

I hope you will want to come back often. At the right near the masthead is an option to have what’s next delivered right to your email, you can also stay up to date by subscribing to the blog via email at the above right or pulling the RSS feed for this blog into your favorite tool.

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Feel free to ask me questions via  the form on the contact page too! It’s amazing how many of the blog posts on here came from folks who have asked questions or told me about something I’ve not thought about!  I’m counting on you to help make this blog better! 🙂

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