Arkansas Cotton Harvest October 2010 — Friend’s Photo from Marshall Sigsby

Appreciate Marshall Sigsby giving me & another cotton tweep down our way — Jeremy Bullington from the University of Arkansas Extension Service a couple of harvest time shout outs. Seems like years ago we finished harvest — in record time I am happy to say!

The photo below is of photo below is a beautiful field near Rector, Arkansas. You can see yields were pretty good — just look how white the field looks where the picker is versus the part of the field to the left where the picker has already harvested the lint! I linked the photo directly to its original online post — by going there you can also see other photos Marshall’s posted.

For additional insight into cotton harvest, I have a post that shows the on-board baling moduler at work and others on the topic of cotton harvest in my Cotton 101 series.

Rector, Arkansas Cotton Harvest 2010

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