Can I Please Stop Neglecting This Blog?

Okay. I can do this. The fine folks at WordPress are going to try to help me too! Hopefully, I will make a post a week on this blog with the support. Last year, I made a goal of three posts per week on my Ag blog and it went pretty well. So we can try.

I’ve had a lot of unique travel experiences. And I have already pulled photos together so maybe it will be easier than I think anyway, wish me luck and thanks in advance WP for topical suggestions and reminders of my goal.

It’s not exactly like this but… maybe a little. 🙂 Strip on New Years Resolutions

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I'm Janice & this blog is about my passions -- photography, travel, agriculture & whatever else comes to mind. Putting all those things together is intriguing to me…. I can spend a lot of time soaking it up! It's almost always a colorful adventure!

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