Can a city girl host a farm visit?

This is the time of year to get planting equipment ready!

Okay… I want to set up a farm field day.  I just had the idea and I’m pretty excited so I’m writing this blog as part of the thought process… I sure would like some help fleshing it out.

The reason I ask…  I recently wrote about how geeked up I was to go to a field day when I was on vacation.  And in a Facebook post, I suggested I needed to visit a couple of friends on their farms so I could see their farms & said I should have another city girl join me.  She said she was ready and from there, the idea just seemed to pop.

Some of the basics running through my mind:

  • Tractors are cool, so are planters and seed.  I know that in part because I’ve had the chance to get out on farms & kick the dirt, even had a chance to check out the soil too.  And farmers have been great at helping me understand what they do.
  • We are lucky to live in a time where it is easy to be more worldly and you know I enjoy that given my travels but it’s also less rural.  That’s definitely the case for my family and friends — so many of us are city folks.  I love living in the city and lots of my friends and families are city or suburban folks.
  • Wouldn’t it be cool to bring those two groups together?  And don’t we all long for a field trip?  (I totally love field trips!)
  • And if you go to a farm… there is always a great local cafe nearby for a yummy lunch!

So I’m wondering  who’s with me?

  • IF YOU ARE A FARMER, would you be willing to host tours?  I know a lot of farmers who host their immediate communities, especially schools in those communities.  But would you be willing to work with someone you know & trust to host an urban group?
  • IF YOU LIVE IN THE CITY/BURBS, do you want to visit a farm?  Of course cotton farms are in high esteem for me, but in the Mid-South we have lots of crops/products/sights to consider.  Broad interests or specific ideas?

What do you think?  (Add your comments here.)

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