Lovin’ The Incredible Egg Yields a Cotton Prize!

A couple of weeks ago, some friends from out of town were in Memphis for the weekend and I had the chance to spend a lot of time with them. So much fun soaking up such good friends! And as is frequently the case, having guests in town meant excuses to get great food! Sunday’s brunch was so fantastic we all took quite a few photos.

Brunch was still on my mind the next day when I saw a tweet from Melissa Burniston that the Incredible Egg folks were giving away some t-shirts through a random program for the day. The timing of the two things seemed divine intervention. I pulled up the photo of my brunch and tweeted “folks need to see @IncredibleEggs I had a brunch y’day… yummy pizzette at the Beauty Shop” with the following photo. 

I got a few retweets including one from the BestofMemphis RT. Next thing I knew I was notified I was a winner! Granted the brunch was a huge win but how cool to get a prize for eating & thinking about such yumminess! The t-shirt which arrived today! So cool too… Here’s a couple of pics!

So, the reason it’s so cool (besides its made of cotton) is the message — “Eat good. Do good every day.” and the fact it directs you to a website that talks through that simple but important idea. It lets you learn about the farmers who are an important part of producing the eggs we eat, some of the things that involves and some of the great things that have been done by farmers to help alleviate hunger in our communities. It even lets you pledge to do the right thing — eat good & do good! By taking the pledge you help increase the support egg farmers give Feeding America!

I hope you’ll take a look at the site — great info about eggs, farmers and volunteering… And I got all that from reading and sending a tweet about the awesome eggs I had at the Beauty Shop one Sunday!

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