Electric Cattle & Powerful Cattle Shows

If you haven’t seen this commercial for electric cattle from General Electric (GE), you have to see it! Even if you have, you probably want to watch it again. These cattle really put on a show that is totally electric! I mean crowd surfing cows? ROCKIN!

Cattle Shows Rock!

I’ve never seen a cattle show like that, but I have seen some cattle shown that made a lasting impression! Yep, I mean the kind farmers go to. I hadn’t been to one until I was a grown up and I admit, the sight wasn’t quite as stunning as hooves on the drum pedal, but to see cattle walk around an arena was a bit disorienting. I can only imagine if the lights had gone down and spotlights with gels come up!

Pam Haley, Haley Farms with MidnightMy first show experience included time in the stalls watching Pam (@SimmyFarmGirl) & Mike Haley (@FarmerHaley) of Haley Farms in Ohio (blog). I also caught up with Andy Vance (Twitter, blog) in the barn. And although I have previously blogged about it (on the way, summary) – I realized recently that I never put together any of the video footage I shot. So, knowing video may better showcase the electricity of the North American International Livestock Expo I decided to finally get one together! There are lots of folks who know how these shows work like Melissa Laurent still show cattle and quite a few showed while they were growing up — like Jillian Stephens (blog) and Nate Jaeger (who I first met at NAILE).

The cattle show that I saw was more about the breed of cattle, the muscular & bone structure, the demeanor of the animal, etc. As you watch the video, note that Pam is the one in a green shirt with her hair up in a ponytail. She’s walking Midnight into to the ring along with lots of others and their cows. The judges watched as each heifer came in and moved around the ring, also checked the structure of the animals. The video is longer than most, but if you’ve not seen a show, I’d hate for you to feel like you missed something! You’ll hear a variety of voice overs but the one that goes with the Simmental group will begin after you see the excitement as a black heifer with a white spot on its face (a baldy) stands out in the ring and then Pam & Midnight take second place for the class!

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