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There are a few events in a city’s history that brings everyone there together. Think for a minute about your hometown. What are those events that bind people together? A historic battle? Maybe a incredible weather event? Annual festivals get a common history in a different way.

In Memphis, there are a few major things with the biggest one being Elvis. This time of year, The King dwarfs anything else this week for sure as people come to town to mark his death. It is interesting to me how many people make the pilgrimage every year and I hope some take a few minutes to realize that Elvis bought his home Graceland as a farm.

Granted, I doubt he ever intended to raise his own food, but I’d like to think he appreciated the hard work of others since he was such a working class guy himself. Owning horses was seen as a luxury for him, but surely he understood that animals are a responsibility as was the land he had in his care.

Granted, I don’t know that Elvis took time to thank the farmers and ranchers who helped put food on the plate, but I’d like to think he did and that he would have bought a pink Cadillac or two had he crossed paths with a farmer who was a bit down on his luck due to crop prices.

Note to readers I had to drop these lyrics into this post cause they made me see connections of another kind with agriculture. Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Will Gilmer was born just over the state line and a bit south of Tupelo in Sulligent, Alabama. Maybe there is something in the water down there!

Milkcow Blues Boogie Lyrics (recorded by Elvis Presley)

(words & music by K. Arnold)
Well, I woke up this morning,
And I looked out the door.
I can tell that old milk cow
By the way she lowed.

Hold it fellows, that don’t move me.
Let’s get real, real gone for a change.

Well, I woke up this morning
And I looked out the door
I can tell that that old milk cow
I can tell the way she lowed.

Well, if you’ve seen my milk cow,
Please ride her on home.
I ain’t had no milk or butter
Since that cow’s been gone.

Well, I tried to treat you right,
Day by day.
Get out your little prayer book
Get down on your knees and pray.
For you’re gonna need,
You’re gonna need your loving daddy’s help someday.
Well, then you’re gonna be sorry
For treating me this way.

Well, believe me, don’t that sun look good going down?
Well, believe me, don’t that sun look good going down?
Well, don’t that old moon look lonesome
When your baby’s not around.

Well, I tried everything to get along with you.
I’m gonna tell you what I’m going do.
I’m gonna quit my crying, I’m gonna leave you alone.
If you don’t believe I’m leaving, you can count the days I’m
I’m gonna leave.
You’re gonna need your loving daddy’s help someday.
Well, you’re gonna be sorry
You treated me this way.

Poor Boy lyrics (recorded by Elvis Presley)

They call me poor boy, poor boy, poor boy
But I ain’t lonesome and I ain’t blue
‘Cause I could never be a poor boy
As long as I’ve got a dolly like you

Ain’t got a crust, ain’t got a cent
Can’t buy a jug, can’t pay the rent
I got a heartfull of dreams
And a lot of memories
And that’s enough for me

Can’t buy a house, can’t buy a lot
Ain’t got a bean, I ain’t got a pot
But what I got is a heartfull of
Love and memories
And that’s enough for me

Don’t have a pig, don’t have a cow
I don’t have a horse to pull a plow
But what I got is a heartfull of
Love and memories
And that’s enough for me

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