Resources & Ideas on State & County Fairs

The post I wrote the other day and then Heather’s followup, seem to strike a groove.  And timing seems so right to share a variety of resources on the various state fairs since August & September are such good times on the fair circuit. I will keep updating it as I see other things, please feel free to help me out.

Kelsay Farms parade float at the county fair!


I thought I would do a post just helping people find a few of the blog posts on county and state fairs from the perspective of individuals:

  • The folks at Kelsay Farms have a blog called Two Maids a Milking that posted today about their county fair. I have to say, the photos of the Kelsay Farms parade float, kids competing in the tractor pull and showing pigs, grabs you.
  • Jan Hoadley of SlowMoneyFarm wrote a great post looking back at fairs and encouraging folks to take advantage of it
  • Already mentioned Heather Hill’s blog about the 4-H competition around the Indiana State Fair. The year of the pig is something to really look forward to!
  • Mike VerSteeg doesn’t blog but he shared this photo from the tractor pull at the Lyon County Fair.
  • The Crazy Moos blog posted this as they prepared for their county fair in California.
  • The Winners Drink Milk blog gives some tips for those who are going to the Indiana State Fair in this post. I’d like to see the sculpture based off Grant Woods iconic painting “American Gothic.”
  • The Local Dirt blog gives some glances at how things progressed on their county level after months of preparation by 4-H kids, parents and others in the community. They are now looking forward to the state fair.
  • My post that started with the fair state of mind asks about people’s favorite fair food — please read up, enjoy & cast your vote!

#AgChat Convo on Fairs

The #AgChat community held a two-hour session on local fairs in June.  The archive/transcripts can be found here. The questions discussed last night are below:

Official State Fair Pages

Have you blogged about your fair experience?  If so, let me know so I can add you here! If not, get busy!

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