Farmers Helped Me With My Christmas Shopping :)


Well, the headline may mislead you but I’m okay with that. 🙂  The Christmas shopping help didn’t come in the form of carrying bags, picking out items, etc but as I started wrapping the gifts that were going to go under trees, I realized several of them started with a seed planted on a farm. I don’t think about it all the time, but maybe a bit more than some of the others. There are plenty of cotton items (go figure huh?) but there were quite a few with other farmers involved too. Give a little thought to these:

  • My nephew Kazu got a sweatshirt from Oxford University and to balance the maturity of that, I also gave him Tickle Me Elmo pajamas! He also got some hot sauce! Thanks to cotton farmers & others in the cotton chain! He tells me the pepper farmers and folks making these made them scorching hot!
  • My nephew Jake got a John Deere thermal shirt. Thanks to cotton farmers & others in the cotton chain AND to the farm equipment peeps!
  • Niece Ayaka got a t-shirt from England’s World Cup team a set of school supplies from Liverpool. Thanks to cotton farmers & others in the cotton chain! And the folks in the hardwoods, pulp and rubber segments! 
  • Niece Nikki got a cute purse/shoulder bag from London. Thanks to cotton farmers & others in the cotton chain!
  • A friend & her family got hand-carved olive wood rosaries from Bethlehem. Thanks to olive farmers & others in the woods & arts chains!
  • Kids who are like nieces will be getting these Paddington Bear books once I get them sent. 🙂  The hardwood & pulp peeps came through!
  • My brother Ray & sister in law Elizabeth got a tin filled with jute to use as they tie runners in the garden this spring. I don’t think I’ve actually ever met a jute farmer…. I’ve met some farmers who grew hemp but that’s a totally different kind of fiber.

Did you give farm-originated or farm-related presents?

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