Poll on Favorite Pizza Toppings

Having lived in New York a few years and traveled to Italy a few times, I like to think of myself as a bit of a pizza connoisseur. Okay, that may be stretching it a tiny bit. But I do love pizza. I love thick crust and thin crust. I love marinara or white. Vegetarian or meat lovers. Given last week’s poll and the overhelmingly omnivore/carnivore voting, I’m not sure I’ll get too many vegetarian votes, but I love a wide range!

Some of my favorites are:

  • the around the world sausage are Memphis’ Broadway Pizza House (in the photo and just eaten with family/dear friends — this summer we had a massive crowd there)
  • the pizza margherita in Rome, Italy (thanks Edo for the directions & recommendation – it comes to mind frequently)
  • four cheese at Broadway Pizza in White Plains, NY from my pizza guy Mike who made me untold numbers of pizzas during my four years there
  • the moon pie and sun pie from Lou’s Pie in the Sky, Memphis, TN Cooper-Young — two incredible vegetarian pies that are frequently delivered with a great smile from Lou himself

Some of the farmers who help bring pizza to my plate are:

  • David Brand and family at Brand Dairy Farm who help produce the cheesy goodness You can find him through TwitterFacebook.
  • Tom Tibbits and his family grow wheat for the crust (thick, thin or in the middle).  Tom has a great blog and is on Twitter.
  • Chris Chinn’s family has a pork farm in Missouri. She’s got a great YouTube video touring that farm and stays in touch through Twitter.
  • Want to double the cheese? Check out Ashley Messing’s blog Dairy Innovation and catch her on Twitter too! She farms with her parents & siblings.

I am a pizza gal and that’s what brings us to this week’s poll!  And photos from some of my pizza spots follow too!

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