Flat Stanley Goes to the John Deere Factory

flat-stanley-cotton-picker Des Moines, Iowa (1,064 miles from home)

Moline, Illinois (a 172 miles from Des Moines)

Hello Jake,

Flat Stanley came to see me at the factory where we build Cotton Pickers and Sprayers in Iowa. He couldn’t go out on the shop floor because he forgot his hard hat, but we did talk about the machines we build there. Your Aunt Janice was extra excited that he got to see the Cotton Pickers because she loves cotton so much. (JP even blogged about it! Check it out!)

flat-stanley-new-tractorThen Flat Stanley and I went to Moline, Illinois, the world headquarters for John Deere. John Deere Combines, Seeders, and Construction Equipment like Dump Trucks and Skidders. Flat Stanley and I visited the John Deere Pavilion to see all kinds of machines, from very, very old tractors to the brand new ones. I think he liked the big ones best, because they are so HUGE!!!

Flat Stanley and I had a lot of fun climbing on the equipment and learning about the things that farmers grow.

I’m happy that Flat Stanley came to visit me!

Your Friend, John Deere Tara (Twitter, blog)

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