A Use of Genetic Engineering I Hadn’t Ever Thought of

I don’t know if anyone else’s ears perk up when Jeep commercials come on, but mine always have. Part of it is because for years I was a Jeep owner and I frequently still wish I had one. In fact, I miss it enough to have blogged about it LOL! But a new Jeep commercial has grabbed my attention for another reason. It includes Muhammad Ali and his daughter and talks about genetically engineered to perform. Nice. Good to know the makers of Jeep and their advertising agency understand genetic engineering can be a great thing!

For farmers, Jeeps tend to be a hunting vehicle, something to overroad with on the ranch, etc. And farmers tend to think of genetic engineering as a means to improving their crop production, raising yields or helping control pests. If you want to know more from farmers directly, try some of these blogs by farmers or some of the blogs by farm moms.

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