Jake’s Flat Stanley Has a Great Series of Adventures! Farm & City!

When I wrote about a nephew’s Flat Stanley project a week or two ago, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I hoped a couple of the folks I’d gotten to know through social media would help Jake learn more about their homes, farms, cities, etc. I am still stunned by the reception Flat Stanley has received in several states. The finished book is on its way to Jake’s class (his mom received it and said “it is SO AWESOME!!!”) and I have every expectation that he, his classmates & his teacher Ms. Rorie will be astonished at how much information Flat Stanley is bringing back!

Flat Stanley with a chinchilla

Because several friends took a lot of time and effort to pull together stories of Stanley’s visit with them, I thought I would share those stories here on my blog. I will be posting them over the next week or two (maybe even a month there are so many!) You can find them by searching for “Flat Stanley” in the above right.

To start the series of posts, let me point you to the blog posts by a few dear friends who not only took the time to print, cut out and host Jake’s Stanley, but put everything into great blog posts too! Making it really easy to pull and put into the book. The blog posts that rocked our Flat Stanley are by:


  • Jan Hoadley of Slow Money Farm in northern Alabama — Jan has a great small farm. Its a real passion for her to help others learn about the way she does things from raising rabbits to communications. She also grows & dries herbs like rosemary and I can tell you, the aroma had to encourage Stanley to jump right in! And the photos of Stanley with her chinchilla (a type of rabbit which I recently found out even some adults didn’t realize LOL) draw you in in a way that few could possibly do! To see lots of photos and the full story of the visit with Jan, click here.
  • Jecca Ostrander who is a RanchWife4Life and works with Box O Quarterhorses in northwest Nebraska took Flat Stanley along on chores with her son Stetson one day. She also took time to teach him about the Sand Hills and the Ogallala aquifer! Lots of photos on this one to help my nephew get the feel of a very different area of the country!
  • Debbie Lyons-Blythe lives on a Kansas cattle ranch not too far from Manhattan, Kansas. She took Stanley along one day as she was doing chores on her ranch. Doing water chores with such cold weather was made a bit easier with some sunshine. He learned about taking care of Debbie’s cattle (and soon you’ll see more ranch adventures).

Flat Stanley on a Kansas Cattle Ranch

There are a lot of other Flat Stanley adventures people sent in for Jake to enjoy! In fact, he ended up with a 60-page book of photos & stories! It will take quite a while for him to make his way through the whole book and all along the way, he will learn about all sorts of people, places and things!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and I hope you all enjoy reading and looking at his adventures as much as I have! I’m going to be posting each adventure here online one after another in the coming days and weeks. And who knows… Jake’s Flat Stanley may have caught the travel bug enough to warrant future trips too! 😉

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