Memphis’ Cooper Young Fest Embraces Farm Booths

I’ve been to the Cooper-Young Festival before (old post on my travel blog) and I love the vibe, people, food and music. This year’s festival was another great one too! Great crowd and although it was a bit hot (okay, it was just out right hot) a great time was had at the festival!

One of the things I noticed was the number of farm-related booths or discussion points.. Of course the Cooper-Young Farmers’ Market was well represented. The folks working the booth were telling everyone about how they can get fresh from the farm goodies May through October. Local produce, vegetables, fruits, breads, and specialty artisans are there along with live music and dog-sitting services! The market is open every Saturday from 8 am – 1 pm and it resides in the parking lot of First Congo at Cooper & Walker Avenues.

The neighborhood restaurant au fond farmtable also had a booth.  They have been in place long enought to get quite a few reviews on Yelp but have not gotten their .com in place yet. It says it’s coming soon to though. We were by there when we were headed to grab lunch and escape the heat so I didn’t stop long. Need to check the place out though.

I think it’s interesting that farm businesses are becoming more mainstream and am so glad it is being welcomed so readily! I would love to see more of the farm groups engaged in some of these types of venues so people understood the diversity we have supplying us with the food, feed and fiber folks like me consume but don’t produce. Cause I sure did enjoy consuming lunch at Lou’s Pie in the Sky and sharing a triple treat crepe from CrepeMaker with my niece.

Do you go to festivals that specialize in an area outside of ag? If so, what have you fond is the reception for farm topics?

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