Learning about #NAILE & I’m not even there yet!


Okay…. I’ve had a few learnings already and I’m not even in Kentucky!

First, I’m seeing stories about and photos of the expo posted…  It will definitely be a lot of fun and a chance to learn alot!  Those are some of the Simmentals Mike & Pam have at the show in the photo at right.  And did you know not only do they have all the show & sell events for cattle but there is a store!  Janice may need a new pair of boots!  And I have friends who are offering to help me with questions… Robert point to the picture on my other blog entry and says “Question 1 for the skilled photographer and livestock newbie — This cow is photographed with its front quarters level with its hind quarters, yet the front legs are shorter than the hind legs. What posing technique is being utilized when photographing cattle?”  I don’t think I would have noticed!

Second, scope is beginning to set in.  Friends who live in Louisville who don’t know much about agriculture broadly have already alerted me to this is big.  Mark said that he drove by the expo grounds and “The cows are looking forward to your visit:).”  Linda Jo was asking me if friends will be in a party RV cause there are lots there (so far I’m not aware of an RV contingent but who knows what I’m walking into!)

Third, I’ve lined up some great folks to help me get a feel for it!  Mike & Pam are giving me that insider-participant view. Farm broadcaster Andy Vance has offered to help with my education and entertainment.  and the Livestock Publications Queen herself, Diane Johnson, says she’ll give me a tour too!

Mike posted these pics through twitpic…  hope he doesn’t mind me posting them here as well!

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