Starting a New Series — Friend’s Photo — First One is from Amanda Sollman

One of the great things about the awesome network of online friends I have is that occasionally, out of nowhere, I get a photo tweeted or Facebooked to me just because it makes them think about me and/or agriculture. I realize I’ve lost track of the bulk of these photos that clearly show the presence of  agriculture in our daily lives. I got the idea as I was walking through the mall today and saw a shirt that was somewhat like the one below that Amanda Sollman saw in Las Vegas this week (you can read about why she was there in this post on her blog). Amanda’s tweet was simple & to the point:

Thanks Amanda for sharing the cotton message someone from Clemson University’s school of agriculture was wearing in Vegas! I hope to have more cotton & agriculture love from friends to share on my blog in the future as well. When posting to Twitter, I’ll use the #friendsphoto hashtag too… I’m thinking others who blog about rather specific areas may want to do this. Not only is it another way to amplify your message, but it’s fantastic to think about having a series of photos from various friends stacking up digitally!

Clemson cotton t-shirt photo by Amanda Sollman

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3 Responses to Starting a New Series — Friend’s Photo — First One is from Amanda Sollman

  1. kellblazek December 5, 2010 at 1:10 pm #

    What a fun idea, Janice!

  2. Janice December 5, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Thanks! I have quite a few from the last month or two I’m scouting out & asking permission to use on! Seems my “brand” is secure. (for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m referring to as my personal brand, you can see it here )


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