Indiana’s State Fair – 2010 The Year of Pigs

Just saw Heather Hill (Twitter and her blog) had posted Some thoughts about the upcoming Indiana State Fair to her blog today. Here’s an excerpt and the link is below if you’d like to read more from this self-described “proudporkmom”:

ProudPorkMom Heather Hill

The 2010 Indiana State Fair starts this coming Friday, August 6th.  I have always loved the State Fair.  I have great memories of showing my pigs and sheep there as a 4-Her and can only wait for when my children will be able to show at the State Fair.  In fact, even though we didn’t know each other then, The Farmer and I both showed pigs at the State Fair at the same time.

This year’s State Fair is even more exciting to me than most as the theme for the 2010 Indiana State Fair is The Year of Pigs presented by Indiana Pork Farmers.  As one of those Indiana pork farmers, who could be more excited about The Year of Pigs than me.

via 3 kids and lots of pigs: welcome to my pig pen: Farmer Fridays – The Year of Pigs.

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