Taking a Module to the Adobe Walls Gin — Friend’s Photo by Anna-Lisa Giannini

Adobe Walls Cotton Gin module moving truckIn my Cotton 101 series, I wrote a blog post about getting modules from the field to the gin. I love seeing them so I was thrilled when Anna-Lisa Giannini told me trucks were still on the move in her part of the Texas Panhandle. There are a few things that a cotton geek like me notices:

  • Look at the horizon. I love it! Not a tree nor hill to be seen. That’s so similar to the the Plains area I called home for my college years! (Enid, Oklahoma for those who don’t know. And Enid really is fairly close to where this was taken.)
  • I love that you clearly can see that the truck is bound for the Adobe Walls Gin. It even gives the gin’s phone number on the module cover! So easy to find out the gin is in Spearman, Texas which is incredibly close to the Oklahoma state line. Cotton has grown in this northern High Plains area over the last few years as better adapted varieties have been introduced.
  • The farm has labeled it as 555 which is either the farm ID number or the module. Not sure but I love seeing the number as it brings to mind it is most likely not the variety — cause “triple nickel” was adapted for full-season areas and wouldn’t do too well in an area with such a short summer.
  • It LOOKS like Anna-Lisa took the photo when stopped to cross Highway 136.

I love that I got a new Friend’s Photo to feature so soon after I started the series! Never would have guessed it! But I have a few others sent recently that I want to share in the near future too.

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