Thankful for So Many Friends Who Join in My Love of Farming

Growing up a city girl and then finding a love of farming puts me in an interesting place. Many of my friends may never have been on a farm, many more are farmers! When it comes time for all the Facebook notifications to come rolling in, I decided to ask everyone a question. The responses were awesome and reminds me that no matter what their life experience has been, I have lots of friends who join me in my love of birthday photo

blanket japanese russian ted rubin

grain prices jenjoy the journey steak


Some of my friends were hopping in with ideas before I even got that posted! And so many friends are so happy to join in. I mean I had 50 or so hop on with ideas of what starts on the farms from their favorite snack of cotton blanket to lives (human and animal) and civilization on a broader scale!

Some touch on cotton themes knowing I would love them & others went for some they hod dear that I may never have thought of!

I think all of that deserves a great place in my 30 days of thanks posts!

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