That Time I Was in a Chinese GMO Documentary Video

Working in outreach at Monsanto I get some unique experiences now and then, but I still can’t believe I was interviewed for and included in a GMO documentary. There was a small group of students from China who while in the U.S. were hearing the discussion here and they decided to do a lot of research on the science, politics, etc. And somehow, I was among the people they talked to.

As someone who studied communications and loves shooting video, I enjoyed watching the students choose where we would shoot the segment, whether outdoors was too much of a challenge for the microphone, how tight to come in with the camera, what questions should be asked,  etc.

It is beyond interesting to think about how it could be done. And I wondered whether I would ever have a chance to see the finished project and whether it would meet the students’ vision.

Watch the GMO Documentary

GMO documentary for ChinaThis past week, the students emailed saying they had completed the documentary — ????????? | Understanding GMO: The Journey Begins — and gave me a link to watch it on YouTube. They also have the video posted on channels in China.

They gave me the time code for a scene where I talk about regulatory costs preventing public research. I clicked on the link wincing a bit and kind of turning my head. I squirmed a bit and was happy it was over soon. I told myself I’d watch it at home later.

It was so interesting to see the finished product and how the students start by explaining their process. And how many different experts — in both China and the U.S. — they spent time talking to on a wide range of areas involving GMOs. Captioning almost the entire movie with two languages was something I hadn’t anticipated and it is awesome!

Some of the leading public scientists in the film really kept my attention — there were familiar faces and new ones too. And a great chance for me to step back and think about this complicated topic from a totally different perspective…. that of the Chinese public. What a great opportunity!

Hope you take a few minutes to watch and share.

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