Semi-Active & Retired Farm Blogs

Farm blogs that may be retired but were on my list for years. I’d love to see them come back! If you are on this list and are getting back in the routine posting mode, once you have a track record, shout and I will pull you to the other one! (This is my list of active farm bloggers.) I may even update the description!

  • Adventures in Agriculture – this one is by tweep JohnDeereTara and she talks about the behind the scenes world of green equipment.
  • Advocates for Agriculture – SD rancher Troy Hadrick does a great job of monitoring media and passing news along!
  • Agriculture in Van Wert County, Ohio — Not sure who will be picking this one up with Andy Kleinschmidt moving on but it’s with the OSU Extension office and has great info!
  • AgrOpinion – This one is done by the Donohues to provide farmers & ranchers a place to speak up on activists.
  • All Things Agriculture — Nate does a great jobs of providing his perspective on any of a number of topics farm related. He’s got a precision technology background so that is a thread you see more than once or twice.
  • Common Sense Agriculture — Jeff Fowle has been blogging more often recently talking about food, his farm practices, and other things that cuts to the core of something important whether personally or for California or the nation.
  • Corn Farmer — Randy Uhrmacher started off 2011 by starting a blog about what happens on his south central Nebraska farm. He jokes that writing wasn’t his strong suit in school, but the posts he written shows he’s in this with a diversity of ideas. I look forward to seeing more.
  • Cow Art and More – Veterinarian and artist Kathy Swift brings together an interesting combination of blog posts that bring to life a few of her passions.
  • Cow Herd Management /The Bovine Blog — Bob Kinford let me know about his relatively new blog for cowboy herd management, humor, cooking and more.
  • CropHugger — Marc Pacchioli has been in Agricultural Research and Production for more than 20 years. He works with a wide range of crops; agronomic, fruit & vegetable, turf & ornamental; from small organic market gardens to large corporate “conventional” farms. And recently decided to add a blog to his tasklist. He says “I also love to eat delicious food, drink good wine, and, did I mention chocolate? Extra dark, please.”
  • Dairy Discovery — I met these Michigan dairy farmers in Atlanta during the Farm Bureau meeting. Jerry & Annie are enthusiastic about agriculture and took full advantage of meeting other people and working through some of the blogging info. By the way, this may have one of the coolest photos as the header I’ve seen.
  • Dairy Goddess’s Blog — If you want to know about dairy farming from a great source, check out what Barbara’s been up to! She’s either out walking the barn taking care of Chica and others, making cheese or something fun!
  • Diaries of a Farmer’s Wife Living a Farmer’s Life — Really appreciate being listed on tumbler by this blog and I look forward to more of the stories about this new life Emily’s so excited about! Her father-in-law is a good friend I’ve blogged about too!
  • Days of the Weeks — Ryan Weeks is putting his ideas together on a blog these days. He’s a great friend who has helped me learn more about popcorn and Kool-Aid. He’s also been great at helping us all understand his family farm.
  • Dove Farm Diaries — One of the folks I’ve talked to through Twitter for over a year is located in the UK… I love getting their perspective on things and with the start of 2011 came a new farm blog! They have several different types of livestock, grow crops to feed them and have facilities for guests & small meetings.
  • Environmental Stew — Kelliann Blazek’s new addition to the blog world! She explains it as “Take a piece of land, add a farmer, sprinkle on some livestock or crops, and mix in some conservation practices.  What do you get?  Environmental Stew(ardship).”
  • FarmFresh Kelly lives in South Texas and posts about family, football & farming. (love the cotton photos especially Kelly!)
  • Fifty Shades of Hay — Fun title and in the summer of 2013 she was going gang-busters. Hoping for a comeback.
  • Gate to Plate Blog — Michele Payn-Knoper’s blog on agriculture and social media.
  • James and the Giant Corn — James is a genetics student looking at the wonderful world of agriculture.
  • Life’s a Highway… and Mine is Surrounded by Corn — I love the way Whitney describes herself  ”I live with a camera around my neck and dog hair on my clothes. I normally have some sort of manure on my shoes, a GPS tacked to the windshield and my BlackBerry in hand.” Tells a lot about the topics she blogs on.
  • Long Meadow’s Farm — Hope she will be back soon, maybe just taking the winter off. Love the things she has on here so far.
  • Meat is neat – Chris Raines is a professor at Penn State and yes, he’s a meat expert. No, not like the folks who just eat it – he knows way more than I thought was possible! (Rest in peace Chris)
  • Nickel’s Notes — My colleague Nick hasn’t posted in a long time, but he’s got a bunch of transcripts here from #onthefarm that are interesting.
  • PAfarmgirl — I love the great photos Genny posts here.
  • Proud to be a Farmer’s Daughter — Mary Ellen Fricke is a friend I met at a conference — she’s a bit outgoing too… Yep, we hit it right off. But she also has a great story and to start 2011, she decided to start a blog. The name comes from the first “big girl t-shirt” she remembers having. I love it!
  • Ranch Wife 4 Life — Jecca Ostrander’s view from northwest Nebraska on the Box O Quarter Horse Ranch her family has.
  • Ray-Lin Dairy – If I had a brother who was a dairy farmer in California, I’m guessing it would be Ray. He rocks.
  • Shedding Light on Agriculture — I met Daniel online and finally met up in real life. He’s working with fruit trees in the Valley. You can learn a lot from him as he shares thoughts that come to him while he works on his PhD.
  • Sitting in the pasture… — This is Ryan’s personal blog (he’s behind Agriculture Proud too). This one talks about the things that occur to him as he’s worked on a feedlot and a ranch.
  • Sometimes Nothing is a Real Cool Hand — Tricia Braid started this blog and I wish she’d write more. She’s got a great style.
  • Tales of a Cotton Wife — Bess Gairns was one of the more dedicated cotton bloggers but this winter in the US (summer in her home in Australia) she’s busy being mom. 
  • The California Daily Update — Someday Cannon Michael will get back to his blog… in the meantime we wait.
  • The Scientist Gardener — Its pretty much what it sounds like. I really enjoy it.
  • 365 Days of Beef – Oprah’s show on veganism got something started. While some of the folks who watched may take a shot at eating a vegan diet, Scott Bennett decided to prove a healthy diet based on beef by eating it for 365 days. He’s a student at Virgina Tech, seems like this could be fun to watch.
  • Two Generations from the Farm — A college student from Alabama turned me onto this blog and I have been following it since. “Not a farmer, but not clueless” — we need a lot more folks in this category.
  • The Weiss Centennial Farm is in Frankenmuth, MI, a town I’d never even heard of til a friend asked me to go to a regional dairy leadership conference there recently! They do a great job telling their story whether it is about the daily ins & outs of the dairy farm or their trip through ice in Atlanta.
  • The Wise Owls — Tales from the Ag Ed Classroom — Drew Bender started this blog and has recruited several other ag educators to join his efforts! It walks you through ideas and thoughts teachers have about agricultural education.


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