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Why is There So Much Buzz About Norman Borlaug?

I bet all the talk this week about Norman Borlaug this week has been a bit hard for some to understand. And I think maybe I got caught up in the buzz and didn’t step back and really explain why I would have such awes of a man I never met. If you aren’t sure […]

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Norman Borlaug

Remembering Norman Borlaug and Looking to the Future

Tomorrow, March 26th I have the incredible pleasure of joining a celebration of one of the greatest men who graced the planet — Norman Borlaug. And although Penn Jillette is funny playing a card game comparing the best humans have lived, he is dead serious when he knows he has found the ultimate trump card […]

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espresso cup & saucer

Memories Spurred by an Espresso Cup and Saucer

This morning as I reached for a bowl for my oatmeal, my eyes lingered on an espresso cup and saucer that stays in my tiny kitchen cabinet despite the fact I don’t drink espresso. Many  times I have thought I probably could make better use of the cabinet space. You probably think it would take […]

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Peterson Farm Bros Chore

I Wanna See You Roar? Nope! I Wanna See Farmers Chore! Music VIDEO

Thought this would make a perfect Wordless Wednesday post! Check out the Peterson Farm Bros new video…. Love their senses of humor! Hope they don’t mind me capturing a screenshot so I have a thumbnail on this when it gets shared on Facebook, etc.! And I swear when I watch this, I think to myself that […]

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Thankful for So Many Friends Who Join in My Love of Farming

Growing up a city girl and then finding a love of farming puts me in an interesting place. Many of my friends may never have been on a farm, many more are farmers! When it comes time for all the Facebook notifications to come rolling in, I decided to ask everyone a question. The responses […]

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motivation poster Office Space

Thankful for Funny Pictures & Movies — Oh, and Motivation from Office Space!

I’ve had a great day which is reason enough to give thanks, but check this out… reminds me of some of the many movies I can watch and laugh with, some I can quote!   Yes, I am wimping out today…. not really writing much, but hopefully you know I truly am thankful for funny […]

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cute farm kids

I Think These Girls Love Cotton Too!

Some of you know my dear friend Marjory and some of you may even remember photos I shared of her & her girls when they came to St. Louis to spend spring break with me. Well in the past week, Marjory has posted two really cute photos that I asked if I could make my […]

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Ryan Goodman & his paperdoll versions ie Flat Ryans

A Fun & Informational Guest Post Series on Agriculture Proud :)

Sometimes, there is a flash and you see things a little differently. That’s what sort of happened a few weeks ago. I had airline tickets to North Carolina & was making plans to see my nephew Jake of Flat Stanley fame here on the blog. I was also going to be leading some sessions on blogging […]

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