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Shared through Creative Commons thanks to IRRI Images

My Personal Thoughts on Golden Rice & Recent Vandalism

In the past week I have heard far more about Golden Rice than I had imagined I would. I first read of the vandalism of a test plot of Golden Rice in the most ironic of ways… I saw the news of it tweeted by Toby Bruce, one of the researchers at Rothamsted. Sorry to […]

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rice farm

What’s up with rice? Is it still safe to eat?

I’ve been running a bit too hard this week and missed one of the latest attempts to make people afraid to eat. This was on a crop that is close to home too. When I say close to home, I want you to understand what I mean. I mean REALLY CLOSE TO HOME. I called […]

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Rice Farming Year in Photos -- Downloadable 2012 Calendar

Rice Farming Year in Photos — Downloadable 2012 Calendar

Did you know that September is National Rice Month? Well I was reminded when I got an email about a Delta high school student, Kevin Muzzi, who is teaching first and second grade kids about rice production. You see, Kevin’s family farms rice in Bolivar County, Mississippi, a place I called home for more than […]

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rice researchers at IRRI

Plant Breeding Student Attends IRRI’s “Rice: Research to Production” Course

The following article was in the latest issue of the Teas A&M Plant Breeding Bulletin July 2011. I asked the editor of the bulletin Wayne Smith and the student featured in the story (Trey Cutts) if I could share it here as I think the information and photos are very compelling.  “Rice: Research to Production” […]

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planting cotton in Texas

Cotton 101: Planting Considerations

Cotton is a warm weather plant and doesn’t like wet feet at all. That simple sentences guides a lot of planting thoughts for the crop. Like all crops, at planting you want to be sure you have the depth set correctly for the soil and fertility adjustments made (primary nutrients for cotton are nitrogen, phosphorous […]

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Cotton 101: Things Farmers Think Through in Selecting Cotton Varieties

Okay, big disclaimer here. I’m not a cotton expert nor a cotton farmer. I don’t mean to in anyway suggest which variety a given farmer should plant, but I thought some of the folks who don’t plant cotton varieties may be interested in some of the considerations cotton farmers have in selecting varieties to plant […]

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My sister (the translator) helped me talk to a coop official (far left) and a farmer.

Thinking of Japanese Farmers and the Land They Tend, I Want to Help the Recovery

Sorry this post got so long. But I hope you take time to read it and consider what you can do. On Friday as I woke up and turned on the TV and saw the devastation an earthquake and tsunami had wreaked on northern Japan, I was one of the millions who were stunned and […]

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Rector, Arkansas Cotton Harvest 2010

Arkansas Cotton Harvest October 2010 — Friend’s Photo from Marshall Sigsby

Appreciate Marshall Sigsby giving me & another cotton tweep down our way — Jeremy Bullington from the University of Arkansas Extension Service a couple of harvest time shout outs. Seems like years ago we finished harvest — in record time I am happy to say! The photo below is of photo below is a beautiful field […]

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