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To Get Cotton on a New Stage (at SXSW), I Need Your Help

If you have known me long, you know I have enjoyed going to Austin for SXSW the last few years. It is a conference where people come from all areas of culture and talks about what matters to them and they think should matter to the rest of the planet. I’m sure you see how […]

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Join Me in Showing a Love of Cotton with an Online Shop

Walking through airports, chilling at a concert or just wandering the aisles of the grocery store, I’ve long loved wearing t-shirts to share my favorite farmers, crops, etc. It is such an easy way to start a conversation. I’ve bought quite a few from various sites and some beautiful people have given me some. With […]

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JPlovesCOTTON logos

It’s Been a Long Time Coming — JPlovesCOTTON Has a Logo!

Sometimes I still shake my head in disbelief that my coming up with something to uses on Twitter, has stuck with me as a personal brand of sorts. But once JPlovesCOTTON started to stick, I embraced it, have even purposefully encouraged it. That takes a new step now. If you are seeing this in your […]

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Top 10 Cotton Blog Posts of 2015

December always brings a lot of reflection about the year and this year has definitely followed that trend. Maybe even moreso since I had a big birthday and celebrated a month of memories. Here on the blog, I have a tradition of looking back at the past year — some of the things that readers […]

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Looking for Builders instead of Demolition Teams 

Communities of builders. They are everywhere. People who are looking to make themselves, their families and their communities better. People who put out a hand or knee to help others climb up whether that means pulling someone’s weight or providing a platform for others to grow from. I have been lucky to have lots of […]

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A Custom-Painted Truck Sharing the Love of Cotton

One of the great things about openly sharing my passion for my favorite fiber, is that by making people aware of that passion, I enable them to share it knowing I will greet their photos or tweets with excitement! That’s exactly what my friend Miss Dazey expected to get when she shared this photo of […]

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flannel sheets

Five Favorite Christmas Cotton Gifts From the Farm!

Christmas is a great time of the year and I have to say it has motivated me to blog several times. Last year, I wrote (and sang) the  “12 days of Cotton” and I’ve also written a post about the Top 12 Indisputable Facts About Santa Being a Cowboy or Farmer. And if you look on the list […]

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google glass on a cotton farm fulton

Google Glass On The Farm? Extreme AgNerds Scout Cotton

Recently I was astounded by the amount of agnerdness that took over my Twitter & Goggle Plus streams as friends with the Auburn University Extension Service started sharing photos of a cotton agronomist using Google Glass to scout a cotton crop. Yes, it was Google Glass on the farm!  Here’s one of the photos that […]

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