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blackberry cobbler recipe

Quick & Easy Blackberry Cobbler Recipe (How-To Video)

I drove back from Memphis the other day and had to stop at a berry farm…. was so excited that blackberries are coming in. I bought a bunch of them…. a couple of quarts thinking it was high time for blackberry cobbler and it really was! I had to get my grandmom’s blackberry cobbler recipe […]

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farm in Appalachian Mountains

Visiting Virginia’s Cavin Farms in the Appalachian Mountains

This past weekend, I went to North Carolina to see my niece Nikki graduate from college. (She totally rocked that cap and gown!) With vacation time after that visit, I decided I’d finally take my friend Jonathan Cavin up on his offer to check out his family farm in the far southwest corner of Virginia. […]

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trim off watermelon rind

Cutting Up a Watermelon the Easy Way

I have been trying to eat more fruit and one thing I have found I need to do, is keep it handy. Different kinds of fruit too. So, watermelon spears is one of the things I’ve been keeping ready nearby. That way I don’t have any prep every time I want a snack. It seems […]

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My mom & brother headed to his big red barn to check on the chickens & goats.

Giving #FoodThanks Has Become a Tradition For Me

The last couple of years, I’ve enjoyed being part of the AgChat Foundation’s efforts to draw more attention to giving thanks for something we have daily — food. As these efforts got underway, I took time to reflect on what I give thanks for when it comes to my plate. And I looked back at […]

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An Easy Way to Eat Healthier — Fruit My Cube

This one will be a quick post, but I have been trying to make sure I encourage healthier choices rather than the easy choices. One of the things for me is snack foods. I love them. And there are so darn many unhealthy options available that its really easy to choose those instead of something […]

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Memphis Greenline

Memphis’ Urban Farms Market To Open March 26th

I love it when I see farm news in the Memphis media! There are the farmers markets that I love and we have new things coming too!  Today, I was reading through timelines and this article from the Memphis Flyer caught my eye. And it’s because the story was about something I frequently drive past […]

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Mr Shelton tractor driver at Worden Farms

Photographing a Day on the Farm in Florida

For some reason, as soon as we arrived at Worden Farm (website, blog, Twitter), I found a connection to the man who would be driving us around for the day. I think his name was Mr. Shelton. He kept a watchful eye on this girl with a camera moving around too much to take photos […]

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No Need to Breathe Fire, Cool Off With Dragonfruit!

One of the things that I’ve returned home with from various trips is a love of local foods. A three-week trip to Malaysia included a visit to a friend’s farm where he grows dragonfruit, a fruit he explained was imported from Vietnam. When I mentioned the fruit last week, Cheri Albritton at @ArveyColumbus wondered what I […]

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