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Speechless or Ready to Rant? I Chose The Middle Ground

I started tapping this blog entry as we reached our cruising altitude on a flight home. It’s been a long weekend with a lot going on work-wise.  Good stuff for the cotton business, but there seemed to be more than a few things making me feel a bit off my pace.  I know it won’t […]

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My mom & brother headed to his big red barn to check on the chickens & goats.

A New Thanksgiving Tradition in the Making? #Thankafarmer

Thanksgiving has always been an incredible part of my life.  I’ve celebrated the holidays many years with vast number of family and other years I’ve been in faraway places like India or Italy where friends have attempted to make me feel at home, particularly for that meal. This year, we will likely have 60-65 people […]

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Peanut digging & thinking (with a bit of singing)

One of my tweeps — Gene Roney –posted this video today (I have no idea why the embed code didn’t work but I have decided to link & hope you come back)… it prompted me to reminisce about my days in Tifton and further south talking with farmers about all the things they do to protect […]

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Get Involved: World Food Day

We’re looking at food insecurity on #foodchat this week…. saw this in the feed and wanted to pop it up here too.  World Food Day was Friday. The FAO’s website on World Food Day says some things that give me pause for thought. With an estimated increase of 105 million hungry people in 2009, there […]

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I Love Farmers… the #onthefarm twitter interview

My friend Nick started a twitter hashtag #onthefarm as a way to connect to the farm weekly.  This week he thought he’d take a break and let me do the interview.  I may want to steal the project from him totally now.  🙂  I had so incredibly much fun picking a topic, getting the folks […]

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