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sign the pledge of independence

The Independence Day We Should All Want #NoKidHungry

As Americans, we tend to think of the Fourth of July and Independence Day as synonymous. But we also know that gaining one’s independence is a pivotal point for individuals — think about how various people you know have celebrated their independence whether that was from a university program they worked hard to complete or […]

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An Easy Way to Help a Small Business with Funding

Almost all of us like to thi we have had a great idea. Maybe not a true invention, but a small thing that could make life easier. But I am not sure many of us act on those, but a college friend (Neil) and his wife (Stacey) did just that. There was an idea that […]

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Batting practice

Lots of Stuff to do on a Family Dairy Farm

I have to tell you that my visit to Ray-Lin Dairy recently was shaped a lot by Ray’s son, 11-year-old Bryson (remember him from the Flat Stanley series?). It was the weekend so Bryson wasn’t at school. He was at home so he was having what sounded like a bit of a typical day in […]

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My Nephew & Tractor Tires Make for Lots of Fun

My Nephew & Tractor Tires Make for Lots of Fun

This weekend I took my nephew Jake to his first big farm. Yep, this is the same nephew who learned so much about farming when we did the Flat Stanley adventures last year. He’s given me blog fodder for a long time to come, but I couldn’t wait to share a few photos at least! […]

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Riding an Old School Mechanical Horse — Wordful Wednesday

My great nephew Jake rarely gets to the place where he’s at a loss for words. While visiting for a final summer vacation, we had a chance to spend an afternoon at Uncle Chuck’s. That meant two awesome things for Jake, awesomeness that can’t be confined to one post! Check out our boy when he […]

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chore time means dinner time

Okay…. It’s Time for Chores

Doing chores… I’ve found out that doing chores is one of those things that means different things to different people. At least, I always meant something different than some of my social media friends mean. Let me state it clearly…. city chores or different from those on the farm, especially if there is livestock involved! […]

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child with a goat

Put My Nine-Year-Old Niece to Work During Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation. The very idea of having months off without having to be in the same old routine that happens the rest of the year…. well, that sounds amazing. My nieces and nephews are enjoying the time out of the classroom, but we are lucky enough that they find way to keep their minds & […]

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The Memphis Flood of 2011 Through the Eyes of a Child — My Nine Year Old Niece Learns Life Lessons about the Mississippi River

Saturday, as I headed east toward Midtown, my nine year old niece was riding in the back seat. (Tip — it seems having the top down in nice weather neutralizes a kids desire to sit up front cause I don’t let her just yet.) We were talking about the day. She had been to a […]

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