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quilt of family history

Wrapping Up in History, Family & Cotton

I love hearing people tell their stories about how cotton makes them feel, so much so I have welcomed a series of posts on the topic. It isn’t the factual pieces I write like what a cotton plant looks like as much how warm it makes hearts as well as bodies. There have been several […]

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cottonseed in the barn

Feeling the Cotton Love on a Dairy Farm!

It has been a while since I have had a guest post in my series of cotton being part of our daily lives. I love that Ashley Messing Kennedy took me up on the offer.  She’s a long-time friend who got me out of my comfort zone and into Michigan in the dead cold of winter. Not […]

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FFA food booth

Love Those Cotton Blue & Gold FFA Jackets! A Guest Post from An Advocate for Ag

I have had a guest series of posts related to cotton getting a bit dusty. I needed to dust it off and get back into getting people to tell their stories of how cotton is the fabric of their lives here on my blog. I have been one of many  talking about FFA on social […]

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Sergey & Yulia 2

First-Hand Report from Volgograd, Russia

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have friends in Volgograd, Russia. So as my mind went more to the issues of terrorism that are causing concerns in that city, I thought about how terrorism has rocked others in my world. There were friends who lived in the areas where terrorists struck in downtown Oklahoma […]

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Ric Dragon

Ric Dragon’s Handmade Cotton Shirt is also a Talisman

The other day on Twitter, I saw a friend I met through #BlogChat — Ric Dragon (@RicDragon on Twitter) say he was worried about not meeting a 2013 goal he had set for himself. It was a goal around writing a certain number of blog posts and guest posts. All I could think was it […]

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The Pinke Post feature on JP

Honored to be Part of the 30 Days of Women in Agriculture Series

I mentioned earlier this month that my friend Katie Pinke in North Dakota was doing a series of posts on women in agriculture. I was honored to be asked to participate in the series. includes an introduction by Katie that really grabs my heart and head. I wanted to post a quick stub here so […]

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showing livestock

Farm Youth Showing Goats, Pigs, Cattle & Sheep

A few years ago I had no idea what “showing livestock” meant and now here I am posting a few  photos (and a short slide show) of a livestock show taken by my friend Ryan Goodman of Agriculture Proud. I went to my first livestock show a few years ago…. it is amazing how much […]

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child's drawing of cotton plants

Cotton is the Fabric of the Classroom for @HouseAgBuilt

It has been a little while since I’ve had a guest post in the series of people telling about how cotton is the fabric of their lives. This one has been in the works for a little while though and it is worth the wait. It’s from California elementary school teacher Sarah who blogs at  The […]

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