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What was it like

How did you work before e-mail? The Pre-Internet Office

The question in the title of this post — How did you work before email? — is something that I was asked a few months ago. And the person asking it was genuinely confused by how communications work was done without email and all the digital tools we use on a daily basis. The honest […]

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carnegie hall

Unable to Catch My Breath at Carnegie Hall

It seems like a long time since I lived in New York sometimes, others it seems like just yesterday. Getting back to New York a few times this year, I’ve had a few chances to stumble into memories. I was surprised to have a cab let a colleague and I out across the street from […]

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trampoline lessons

An After-School Class in Trampoline?

These days when I talk with friends, I frequently find out that they are running all sorts of directions with after-school activities. There are full slates of sports — baseball, football, hockey, soccer and more. There are also all the arts and languages — piano, painting, Japanese school, and seemingly millions more. But I rarely […]

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1970s halloween

Remembering 1970s Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is definitely a holiday that has a permanent home in the memories of American kids. I’m not sure how many of us remember a specific costume or a specific party, but the holiday itself…. that was something that caught our imaginations for weeks if not months in advance. Everyone discussed costume ideas or whether this […]

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Ugly Vines Bringing Beauty to My Yard, An Ode to Milkweed

Have you ever had vines that get started and just can’t stop? They go places you don’t want them to be and claim things you want left alone. Every summer, the vines in my yard get a bit bolder. Every year I think about what to do about it…. I could rip them up and […]

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gay marriage (2)

25 Years of Love, A Month of Marriage, My View of Gay Marriage

The discussion about gay marriage has been a long time coming. This summer has raised it to new levels and the Supreme Court decision in Obergfell v. Hodges was a shifting point for so many. Since then we have seen increased polarization of the discussion of the topic in several circles. I’ve seen people I love and […]

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People & farm roots in Syria

The Syrian Crisis and Seed Banks — I Missed This

Like you, over the last few weeks, I have seen and heard more about the Syrian refugees who are carrying what little they can in their hands and walking from country to country to find a home. Every time I see another newscast or photo online, the faces of Syrians fleeing for their lives get […]

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quote from Malala

Review: “He Named Me Malala”

This summer as many of us were thinking about the change that Jon Stewart’s leaving “The Daily Show” would have on infotainment, I had a chance to get a lot of insight into one of the regular guests on his show — the Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai who has become a global champion for girl’s […]

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