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Learning about #NAILE & I’m not even there yet!

  Okay…. I’ve had a few learnings already and I’m not even in Kentucky! First, I’m seeing stories about and photos of the expo posted…  It will definitely be a lot of fun and a chance to learn alot!  Those are some of the Simmentals Mike & Pam have at the show in the photo […]

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Alpine gallery (2)

Cemeteries along the way…

I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve seen in various places I’ve traveled and for some reason, it occurred to me that I’ve seen how various cultures recognize the dead with cemeteries.  Thought of it sometime ago but figured that was a good way to get the mind going around Halloween and All Saints Day. […]

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Diwali celebrations in Kuala Lumpur

My first Diwali

iwali… just saw the word in a friend’s status line and immediately thought about how lucky I’ve been to witness the festival.  It was during my trip to Malaysia in 2006.  While I still want to be in India sometime during Diwali (or Deepavali depending on who’s talking about it), the taste of it in […]

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A place called Atipotha…

When people hear tales of India, the images that come to mind are of densely populated cities and spicy foods.  I’ve got lots of stories along those lines but think that I’d rather write my first Indian blog entry where my trip to India began.  I the far south state of Kerala in a small […]

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Traveling alone and making new friends

My first overseas trip was what some would call a doozy.  While I hate to give away quite so much on my age, the context is sort of important, so in that spirit, I will say the trip was to the Soviet Union — Moscow and Volgograd to be exact.  I know those are Russian […]

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Memphis’ Own Cooper-Young Festival

It’s a chance to relax…. Listen to some good tunes (we heard Will Tucker and God only knows who else)… Grab a bite to eat (we picked the opulence crepe and later shared a funnelcake with my neice)… What I love most is it is Memphis through and through.  The vibe you get.  The people […]

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In those cotton fields back home

I was searching for travel stories & photos… a mental search mind you but a search none the less.  And to me, my whole life has been a trip.  And I think my general progression rates a post…. or maybe I should make it part of the about me page… hmmm… I’ll consider those ideas […]

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waiting for the call to prayer to end fasting hours

Rice… Malaysian Memories

So, it’s tough deciding where to start with a blog about travel experiences…  So I’m rolling the dice and starting with Malaysia.  It was the location for my 2006 big vacation.  I’ll post about it a good bit no doubt.  But here, I wanted to start by talking about rice. I’ve worked in agriculture a long time […]

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