Mid-South Cotton at Harvest

With that title, I just have to start this post by screaming UGH! It’s most likely what you’d hear if you brought the topic up to a Mid-South cotton farmer.  Well, if they were able to refrain from cursing.  And while today is gorgeous, cotton farmers in the Mid-South are looking at yield and quality losses.  Just a look through twitter today, quickly has multiple media reporting on the yield & quality hits growers have taken.  This article is one I’ve seen from several tweeps today.

On Friday I spent a few minutes with Dr. Dave Albers looking at the crop locally (love that Memphis has an Agricenter so I can kick around the mud in the city limits).  I think the pictures here are more telling than words, but really appreciate his taking the time to help me illustrate why so many cotton people are are in bummer moods.

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