Family Pauses for #FoodThanks Over Homemade Pizza

I have another guest post giving #FoodThanks! This one is from Heather, a college friend that I kept in loose touch with til I started spending more time in St. Louis. 🙂 Since then, we’ve had several chances to spend a bit of time together. She and I had some journalism classes together and even worked in the publications office at the same time. Our lives have changed dramatically since! Her kids Abby, Matthew and Peter keep me on my toes and  cause they are smart! And her husband Todd does a great job making sure I always want to go back to their house cause there is always a great piece of meat on the grill! Heather wrote this Wednesday night:

We are all sitting around the family table chowing on homemade pizza discussing how to reply to your challenge.  Pizza night is a tradition where we make homemade whole wheat crust (usually with parmesan and spices) and then decorate our own pizzas.
From the kids:

  • Abby – I’m thankful for the salmon farmers so we can have sushi.  Most people probably wouldn’t think to thank them.
  • Peter – I’m thankful for the green onion farmers.  (Peter currently has 1-1/2 green onions on his self-made pizza and used three of them in the chicken-vegetable stir fry he made last night for the family.)
  • Matthew – I’m thankful for olives – ALL kinds.  His favorite? ALL KINDS!

We also discussed going to Grandma and Grandpa’s in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving, our annual tradition.  The kids are very much looking forward to turkey and Grandma’s famous sausage stuffing.  Matthew’s tip is to put butter, dressing and turkey in the middle of a croissant. I pretty much just eat stuffing and gravy on Thanksgiving.  Mom gave me the recipe long ago but I just can’t bring myself to make it outside of Thanksgiving day.  Oh – and Braum’s pumpkin ice cream – the ONLY ice cream worth eating!!

Tonight we’re missing Dad as he’s out of town for work.  But we always think of him when we think of our favorite meat.  Peter recalls prime rib on the grill – YUM!  Matthew has worked out a system at school where he trades Dad’s BBQ for delicacies such as Twinkies.  Abby’s favorite Dad meal is extra spicy hot wings.  Dad  makes his own sauces and competes with his brother, Scott, as SmokiBros.  It’s always fun to see them in action.

I’m sure Todd made it home and is probably darting around with hockey practice and other things the family has going on…. one of those things is hopefully a stop at my house. I’ve already been working on the foods we can enjoy while they are here!

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3 Responses to Family Pauses for #FoodThanks Over Homemade Pizza

  1. Robyn November 19, 2011 at 7:35 pm #

    One can not go wrong with homemade pizza! I have started making ours into pizza pockets and love them more than round pizza! It is neat to think of all the different producers that made our pizza meal possible and a fun weekend tradition!

    How cool that your friend is married to a comptitive cook! I bet you love to vist them! We have friends that are marvelous cooks and love getting together. We eat, drink, laugh, and have a great time together!


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