Food Poll: Favorite Snowday Foods

Nate's family enjoying a snowday

Nate's family enjoying a snowday. Click on the photo to read his blog post.

With the amount of time so many of us have spent inside this week, we’ve all probably eaten our favorite foods. There are some things that I think I simply must have when it snows and am willing to bet there are differences.

So what are your favorite snowday foods? What snacks are must haves and after a long day of playing, what do you want for lunch or dinner? No limit on the voting as some times people need more than one thing.

Me? As a kid I remember making snow cream with great zeal on the rare occasion it snowed in Memphis. We’d eat some every time we could con mom into it or til the ingredients ran out! Just a few things from farmers & something from nature. Now I tend toward things like chips with a hot dip (spinach dip earlier today!) or popcorn or something. For a meal, I have always loved soups or chili, even better with a grilled cheese!

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2 Responses to Food Poll: Favorite Snowday Foods

  1. Nate Taylor February 4, 2011 at 6:43 am #

    Thanks for including my photo Janice! And nice idea on the food poll. You know I had to vote on that! I think I may have to go back and add another item to the snack section, hot chocolate with the kids by the fireplace. Hope all is well down south.

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