Jill’s Tasty Recipes for Homemade Ice Cream

I just want to provide a short intro here as my friend Jill Meisenheimer was nice enough to write this post. This week’s food poll was so timely with heatwaves and father’s day, that lots of people were thinking about ice cream. In her comments, Jill offered recipes for the obvious winner of where you like to get your ice cream — at home freshly made! Thanks Jill for your willingness to share.  🙂

My family’s Favorite Ice Cream Recipes

In the words of one of my favorite role models Ms. Paula Deen: “I’m your cook Not your nurse!”

This is for special occasions-OK? Ok 🙂  (Editor’s note:  Jill’s trying to be sure I don’t make this a routine cause it’s so yummy that it would be easy to overdo! LOL!)

Vanilla Ice Cream


  • 2 1/2 Cup sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 & 1/2 pints heavy whipping cream
  • 1 qt Half & Half
  • 3 T vanilla
  • pinch salt
  • Milk

beat for 4 min:

  • 2 1/2 cups of sugar
  • 4 eggs

Mix in:

  • 1 & 1/2 pints heavy whipping cream (I’ve used a qt & I’ve used a pint it’s all good!)
  • 1 qt Half & Half
  • 3 T vanilla
  • pinch of  salt

Pour mixture into canister of your ice cream freezer
add Milk to fill to line (one gallon)
freeze as directed

*I have 4 canisters for my iceless freezer (love the No mess) I mix up & put in a pitcher usually the day before-then pour in as needed.

For those who don’t like raw eggs in ice cream-Keep in mind that most recipes have them in it. You can buy the pasteurized egg’s OR heat in a double boiler-but cool well before freezing.

Some basic thoughts…  My people are all healthy, I use quality fresh eggs and it’s frozen – It’s all good.

  • I’ve added crushed (or pureed)  fruit to this many times. Best if mixed over night so the flavor’s blend. I’ve also added a jar of caramel/butterscotch & then salted pecans at the end.
  • Recipes are only a starting point! When a person figures that out cooking becomes fun!
  • If you don’t get the salt to ice right-make milk shakes it doesn’t really matter :-}

Orange Sherbet

  • 60 ounces of Orange Crush soda (drink 4 ounces 🙂 & only Orange Crush freezes well)
  • 1 can of Eagle Brand (Sweetened Condensed Milk)
  • Mix together & Freeze
  • *optional 1 small can of crushed pineapple drained

(I’ve used sugar free Orange Crush and lite condensed milk and it’s ok too)

Chocolate Frosty Ice Cream (no eggs, no sugar – ha, well-sweetened milk)

  • 3 Eagle Brand (Sweetened Condensed Milk)
  • 2 Milnot (evaporated Milk)
  • 2 half pints heavy whipping creams
  • 1 qt. Half & Half
  • 1 can Hersey’s (chocolate syrup)
  • 1 t. vanilla

Mix and follow directions for your ice cream freezer
Since no sugar in this-it doesn’t crystallize- as soon as you freeze it you can put it in deep freeze and it keeps well.

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4 Responses to Jill’s Tasty Recipes for Homemade Ice Cream

  1. Sherry Collins June 26, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    These sound fantastic, but I have to ask, in the Chocolate Frosty Ice Cream, it calls for “2 half pints of heavy whipping cream” so do you just mean a pint of heavy whipping cream, or two and a half pints? It just seemed odd to say “two half pints” and I want to make sure I have the ratio right before I try this one! 🙂

  2. jill meisenheimer June 26, 2010 at 11:16 pm #

    Yep, a pint-it’s how it’s written and I just typed as is! That is how the whipping cream comes around here-in half pints!


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