An Easy Way to Help a Small Business with Funding

Almost all of us like to thi we have had a great idea. Maybe not a true invention, but a small thing that could make life easier. But I am not sure many of us act on those, but a college friend (Neil) and his wife (Stacey) did just that. There was an idea that stemmed from trying to change diapers and not having enough hands. Who hasn’t complained about that? I mean I don’t even have kids and yet I have! So they started their own small business. The idea is simple as is the design and that is where it is brilliant!

Basics of the Bobee

I love the information available about the Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser on its website – and from my friend Neil and his wife Stacy!

Diaper changes are faster and smoother with a Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser. The Bobee dispenser is a wall mounted diaper and wipe caddy that doesn’t take up valuable surface space at baby’s changing station.
Now, mom or dad can grab a wet wipe or a diaper with one hand without removing their other hand from their baby. That’s comforting – both for little ones and parents.
A Bobee dispenser isn’t just useful. It’s a stylish, customizable accessory for baby’s room. Add visual flair with the included colorful, multi-size dot decals. Five decal colors are available to use alone or mix and match, remove and reposition. It simply wall- mounts in minutes where it’s most convenient.
The dispenser holds most major brands of diapers, in all sizes…even cloth diaper inserts. Wipes fit neatly below and stay moist and ready to use in seconds.
Invented by a mother of two, the Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser is one baby room accessory parents won’t know how they lived without.
The Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser is made in America with nontoxic materials.

How Can You Help This Small Business?

Neil sent me a Facebook message asking if I could help them qualify for a $250,000 grant from Chase and Living Social. They need to collect 250 votes before June 30th in order to be considered. of course I went and voted immediately, now I am asking you to do the same!

Here are the directions Neil gave me:

It’s quick and easy:

STEP 1 Visit:
STEP 2 Click on Blue Button: Log In & Support
STEP 3 Enter the Business Name: Bobee (State & City not needed) and click “SEARCH”

Thanks, and I’ll keep you posted!


Mission: Small Business?
Chase and LivingSocial are awarding $250,000 Grants. Vote for your favorite small business at



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4 Responses to An Easy Way to Help a Small Business with Funding

  1. Jan June 12, 2012 at 3:44 pm #

    Quite a few small places trying to get votes for this. Looks like it’ll be very competitive even just getting votes to qualify.

  2. Craig June 13, 2012 at 7:53 am #

    This is an awesome thing for Chase to do but it’s difficult to get the votes to even qualify. Best of luck!

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