Top Farm-Related Children Books

I love books. My nieces and nephews all love books too. Since I’m one of few aggies in some of the circles I float around in, I have frequently found that baby showers or birthday parties are an opportunity to share my passion for ag with kids. We’ve had a few casual discusssions about farm books through social media and I thought I’d put a few ideas here.  Some I’ve read lots of times (marked with * to show its a personal favorite), others friends have pointed me to or I found while searching the net. I’ve linked them to Barnes & Noble since I have a membership there.


*Barnyard Dance — Its a Boynton Book which tells you a little about tone & illustrations. This one has the board pages which makes it easily a carry everywhere. Singing and dancing fun with barnyard animals.

*DK Touch and Feel Farm — Really nicely illustrated with photos and has spots of fur or whatever. I’ve found young kids really enjoy the interaction.

DK My First Farm Touch & Feel Flash Cards — I love most of the DK books and projects I’ve seen. They tend to offer more educational insight.

Early Readers

*Oh Say Can You Seed? — Its a part of the Dr. Seuss series with the Cat in the Hat discussing the way flowering plants work. This one is something that Zach & Anna Hunnicutt found while at a bookstore & I had to buy as soon as I saw it. Great understanding on plants presented in the familiar rhyming pattern we all know so well.  (This one will work for older kids as they seek to learn about the science of plants too.)

Busy Tractors, Busy Days — Just in case the title doesn’t say enough, the book also carries the John Deere name.  It shows different sorts of jobs that involve tractors. Great for little boys and girls who like to help out!

Better Readers (or to be read to kids)

*Punk Farm — This is a funny story about farm animals and what they do when the farmer isn’t around.  They have quite a rockin band that plays Old McDonald and a lot of fun! Inspires a really fun read. (Barnes & Noble offers a look inside)

*Punk Farm on Tour — A follow up where the farm animals find a way to go on tour.  And they check to see if they can get the wheels on the van to go round and round. It also inspires a really fun read. (Barnes & Noble offers a look inside)

Farming by Gail Gibbons — This one interested me cause it includes crops and other aspects of the farm that seem underrepresented at times. It goes season by season and includes some fairly nice illustrations like the ones here on hay.

From Seed to Plant — Another Gail Gibbons book. This one goes through seeds, pollination, etc and while most of the images draw your attention to flowering plants, there are connections to vegetables, etc.

Advanced Readers

A Long Way from Chicago — This looks like a good one, I’d love to know if anyone has read it.  The story is of two city kids going to visit family at the farm and the feel they get for the community.

What are the favorite farm books for kids in your house? Please share so I can add to my shopping list!

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2 Responses to Top Farm-Related Children Books

  1. Lana Wallpe July 1, 2010 at 7:20 am #

    I taught high school for 18 years, and the book A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck is outstanding. There are some very funny moments and a bit of graphic detail in a couple parts, at least graphic for those not familiar with farm life, but the story is one everyone should read.

    • Janice July 1, 2010 at 9:09 am #

      So this is for high school students? May check it out for a 14 year old nephew.

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