Opening day is finally here!

I’m not talking about a hunting or sports season, but it is something a lot of people look forward to — the opening of the Memphis Farmers Market downtown! I’ve missed the opening event but I’ve seen updates of lots of folks who went.  And it doesn’t look like they missed me as there was a crowd and the Facebook group for the farmers market went over the 4,000 mark this weekend!

In the last several months though, I’ve found the Midtown Farmers Market! And it’s open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm. The winter months had some great stuff — LOVE that they bring in bread from the Whiteville Mennonite Bakery! And I’ve picked up bread of course, as well as meats and veggies.  They also have a great selection of locally made jams and some fantastic soups and casseroles prepared from scratch & frozen.  And I’ve found the folks there incredibly nice & helpful — got I’ve taken some photos with my blackberry during visits — I’m going to put them in the slide show below.

I’ve been to the downtown farmers market a lot! Since I have friends in walking distance, it’s a lot of fun to make a morning of it, going downtown, maybe getting breakfast at the Arcade or something! It’s so much fun, that I had to look up some photos from one Saturday when I took my niece down with me! She has grown a whole lot since this visit to the market but she’s still incredibly cute and her expressions remain fantastic!

Whether you go to one of these markets, the one at Agricenter or somewhere else, I hope you enjoy the fresh products farmers are beginning to get to us directly.  I also enjoy the food that’s grown and put on the shelf at Kroger too!  For all of that, I’ll send out a big thank you farmers!

[[ added Sunday morning 4/18 — here is another Memphis blogger who has photos of the Memphis Farmers Market posted.  Beautiful photos from opening day. ]]

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