Snow & Farm Equipment in Moorhead, Minnesota: A Flat Stanley Adventure

Moorhead, Minnesota (1,411 miles from home)

snow mountain

Flat Stanley sure was a long way from home visiting up here with me in Minnesota. We’re next to the Red River in the Red River Valley and the land around here – both in Minnesota and North Dakota since we’re near the state lines – is some of the flattest and best farming land in the world. But this year it’s really too cold to work in the field very long at a time. And even though it has snowed in North Carolina a bit this winter, this far north we always expect it to snow a lot in the winter.

We can average 36 inches of snow here but since we have to keep the roads, parking lots, sidewalks, etc plowed or shoveled so people can go to work, school and places like the grocery store, we have big huge snowpiles. In fact, Stanley had a chance to see the snowpile here at our office. With Stanley’s size it looks like he’s gone mountain climbing! 

Alec Winmill Titan Outlet with Flat Stanley

One thing we can do in winter is work on equipment in the shop. And Flat Stanley decided to lend us a hand as we worked on a Case IH combine – farmers use combines to harvest crops like corn, wheat and soybeans. I hear wheat may be Jake’s favorite of those crops because he likes bread hot from the oven!

Alec (on Twitter for work as @TitanOutlet & personally as @Al_Winmill. You can check out Titan’s website too!)

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2 Responses to Snow & Farm Equipment in Moorhead, Minnesota: A Flat Stanley Adventure

  1. Alec Winmill February 6, 2011 at 9:38 pm #

    Thank you for letting us hang out with Flat Stanley for an afternoon! He was a huge help in the shop, the guys really appreciated it 🙂

    I hope he helped Jake’s class learn a bit about what we do and our neck of the woods.

    Thanks again for sharing, JP!

    Al Winmill


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