Stanley Goes To The Netherlands with Jake’s Nannae


Nijmegean, The Netherlands (4,157 miles from home)

Hey Jake,

Flat Stanley went on a trip to the Netherlands or Holland with me.  The Netherlands is in Europe.  I have been here before, but I don’t think Flat Stanley has.  We flew from Charlotte, NC to Washington, DC and then on to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This trip took about 9 hours on the airplane. After we landed in Amsterdam, we took a bus to Nijmegen about 1.5 hours for our 2 week long business meeting.

Flat Stanley was amazed at the kitchen on the airplane called a galley.  Since we were on a flight for a very long time we were served dinner and breakfast.  After dinner we went back there to see how things were done.  They have lots of compartments to keep everything in its place.  They had lots of coffee and water for the passengers.


Flat Stanley decided to sit with a friendand read with her for a while.  We also watched movies and played games while we were on the plane.

We arrived in Nijmegen on Sunday morning and decided to take a walk around town.  Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands.  It is very close to Germany. The Waal River borders the city on one side and there is a varied landscape here.  Most of the Netherlands is very flat, but here there are also hills and lots of forests.

Most people here live in apartments called flats or what we call townhomes.  The Dutch people also really like to bicycle everywhere.  It is said that there are 2 bikes per person in the country.  When you go to the train station there are thousands of bikes in racks there where people have ridden their bikes to catch a train for work or to go somewhere for fun.

Here is a picture of Flat Stanley running through town in front of a very old church.

While walking around town, we went down to the river and saw a few Dutchmen fishing.  Since I know that Jake loves to fish with his grandfather, we stopped for a while and fished with them.  We didn’t catch anything, but we had fun.

It was very rainy while we were in Nijmegen.  It typically rains here more than at home, but it is not a heavy rain.  The temperature was about the same as at home.  It doesn’t get as hot here in the summer though.

Love, Nannae

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