Stark Vegas Fun for Flat Stanley

walkers4 (1)Starkville, Mississippi (557 miles from home)


Hey Jake,

(Cowboy with Flat Stanley – Cheeeeeese!)

We were so excited when Flat Stanley arrived in Starkville, Mississippi – home of the Mississippi State University Bulldogs!  Starkville, also affectionately known as Stark Vegas, is less than three hours southeast of Memphis, Tennessee (and so many people in your family!)

Guess what happened while Flat Stanley visited?  It snowed!!! (It NEVER snows!)

walkers-2Here is a picture of Flat Stanley driving onto campus with us as the first flakes started to fall.

Anyway, we had such a blast with Flat Stanley, thanks for letting him visit.  Starkville has a ton of neat things to do, including a lot of sporting events since it’s a college town, but unfortunately when it snows in a town not used to snow, well, let’s just say the town shuts down.  No worries, though, we found some fun things to do!

walkers3And we played hard!  We went to a Japanese restaurant and ate steak off a hibachi grill, played for hours in the snow, went roller skating, did someswinging in the front yard, and painted pottery at Dandy Doodlez.

We hope you are learning a ton of interesting things in Ms. Rorie’s class!  Take care and stay warm!  Please let Flat Stanley come visit us again soon.  We already miss him!


John Robert (4) and Silas (also known as Cowboy) (3)


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